bridgeBGB is a new poetry imprint which celebrates offline culture, away from the noise, glare and groupthink of the internet and social media. It also places a high value on individual creativity, specifically that of the amateur poet writing independently of university courses and departments, big publishers or foundations.

In our view, poetry and the arts generally have become over-professionalized. They have also become over-politicized. We feel that what matters in the end is not the identity of the artist but the quality of the work. If that comes first then any 'relevance' will happen of its own accord, as in art it should.

BGB has just published its third short book of poems, Desire Lines. See THE BOOKS. Later on, we shall look farther afield.

In the meantime, anyone who wants a copy of Lockdown or Winter Viewing is invited either to email me the order and put the correct amount in my PayPal account, using my email address (, or send me a cheque, made out to Patrick Curry, with their order.

  • Lockdown, by Patrick Curry (£5/$7)
  • Winter Viewing, by Anne Nicodemus Carpenter (£7.75/ $10)
  • Desire Lines, by Patrick Curry (£7/$9)